Steps To Housing

A Brief overview of the Steps To Housing

Step 1 – ACCESS to shelter and/or housing services

Approved access sites are your initial point of contact for entry into the homeless response system. All access sites must conduct or immediately link you to the Housing Crisis Screening which will aid in:

  1. Referring you to appropriate mainstream resources;
  2. Connecting you to a Prevention Screening; or
  3. Connecting you  to emergency shelter services; or
  4. In some cases, immediately connect you to the Housing Assessment (VI-SPDAT)


Step 2 – ASSESSMENT of your specific needs

Once accessing services, you will enter the assessment phase where the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) is administered. This is a short, but essential assessment that will help determine the appropriate next steps in finding housing solutions.


Step 3 – AQUIRE needed services and housing

Once assessed, you will be paired with the most appropriate housing services through prioritization and need rather than first come, first served. Every community’s resources are unique, but CARES is working to create effective and efficient client centered processes to best link you to housing. 


COMING SOON: A list of approved Access Sites in your commuinty!